Zombie movies

Monday, September 25, 2006

Lay-Z (my new rap name)

Yeah I have been lazy about writing. I have continued watching the movies, although at a slower rate. I have maybe 7-10 that I have watched and just need to write about. Maybe after reading Kristina's blog I will be inspired to get back on that zombie.

Back when I watched Dawn Of The Dead I was all excited because I heard a few clips that I knew from some of strange music I like. Unfortunately I could not remember which song it was. I started listening to all of my older music, posting on relevant forums and emailing DJ's that might play my type of music all to no avail. Then last week I just picked some music at random and stumbled back across the song. If you want to run out and buy (or download illegally) it was Battlefield by Panzer Ag. It was like finding $5 in a pair of old pants. I think I will go listen to it now.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

#68 Hood Of The Living Dead 2004

A heart warming tale of a scientist's love for his recently gunned down brother.

Sucked. Slim on plot, acting and special effects.

After his brother is shot, a scientist working on a cellular regeneration formula tries to revive him with the untested serum giving birth to an undead fiend who attacks and kills the men who shot him.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

#67 Resident Evil 2002

Pretty good.

A viral outbreak kills then reanimates all the employees at the Umbrella Corporation's Raccoon City research lab called "The Hive". A few remaining staffers and a small military team go back in to figure out what went wrong and try to shut down the computer system which they think has gone insane, but is really just trying to prevent the spread of the virus. Along with the regular zombies they run into doberman zombies and what I am going to call a super zombie which has a long prehensile tongue and can climb walls.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

#66 House Of The Dead 2 2005

This one first aired on tv on the SciFi channel. I'm not sure how they could have played it on a basic cable channel with the amount of nudity and violence. The sequel is pretty loosely tied to the first one, based on two characters from the first film. The first problem for me is that one of the characters from the first movie who died appears alive in the second. The second problem is that one of the characters that survived the first film appears in this one but played by a different actress.

A university professor experiments on a captured zombie to figure out the secrets of bringing the dead back to live. Unfortunately his experiments go awry and the campus is overrun by the results. The military is sent in to retrieve a blood sample from the original zombie in order to help create a vaccine.


#65 House Of The Dead 2003

This is one of those really sucky movies that for some reason I end up watching everytime that it is on tv. It is poorly made, a weak storyline, bad acting and all around not so good. But, it sucks me in and I can't get away. I also do this with Die Hard movies and The Italian Job.

A group of partiers are late to an island rave and discover that the party was interrupted by hordes of the undead. A shipwrecked Spanish priest experiments with reviving the dead in order to live forever.

There is one song in the entire song that gets played over and over, which gets very annoying. In one very long drawn out scene the group is trying to fight their way through a graveyard to get to a small building which is defensible. The graveyard is like 100ft but the scene takes about 10 minutes and the same song plays the whole time. They do that annoying thing where they slo-mo spin around the actor as they are fighting. Plus somehow they all happen to know how to fight and shoot well.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

#64 Return Of The Living Dead IV: Necropolis 2005

I think I need a new nickname. How does Mad Dog Flint sound?

Okay I have been kind of lazy about watching movies and posting my comments here. Plus my next few Netflix movies aren't zombie movies. I will try to better. Please don't be mad.

Peter Coyote retrieves more barrels of Trioxin that somehow ended up in Chernobyl. He brings them back to his giant evil corporation to do experiments on people that his company kidnaps from the local area. When they abduct a young man who was in a cycle accident his biker friends rally to rescue him. In their attempt to break into the building they inadvertantly release the zombie experiments.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

#63 Return Of The Living Dead 3 1993

Well I was a little disappointed on two counts. First, the two guys who were in the first two movies were not in this one. Second, the first two movies were funny and this one was not.

This time the Army doesn't lose a container of 2-4-5 Trioxin (sounds made up). They are using it to find a way of creating and controlling super soldiers. The commanding officer's son sneaks in and observes them bringing a corpse back to life. So naturally when his girlfriend is in a motorcycle accident he sneaks back onto the base and brings her back from the dead. She slowly turns into a zombie. The only thing that stops her from eating him is her undying love and by jabbing bits of metal and glass into her skin to cause herself pain. They end up being chased into the sewers by a group of hispanic guys that want to kill them. The Army catches them and intends to continue their experiments with the girlfriend as the new subject. Will he rescue the girlfriend or will he die trying?


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

#62 Return Of The Living Dead 2 1988

The two main actors from the first installment return to the second playing different characters with the same end result. They both die and turn into zombies. I hope they are in all 5 of the films.

Kids inadvertently open another container of zombie creating trioxin that the Army lost. Coincidentally the container is right next to a cemetery. The dead return and overrun the town. The few survivors lure the undead to the local power plant and electrocute them all. It could totally happen too.